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Sam El Barouki serves as Director of Client Relations for Polaris Energy.

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Important Skills for Effective Leadership

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Sam Barouki is currently pursuing a doctor of business administration with an emphasis in international business and expects to receive his degree in 2014. To prepare for his future career in business, Sam Barouki works on developing his leadership skills.

Research has shown that the most effective leaders are transformational leaders; in other words, people who are positive and inspire and empower their subordinates and followers. To become a transformational leader, you should strive to develop the following skills and traits:

1. Be Passionate: Effective leaders show genuine passion for their work, which in turn inspires others to work hard. Leaders should also recognize and praise that same passion in their employees.

2. Communicate Effectively: All communication should express sincerity, both verbally and nonverbally. Leaders should find time to talk and listen to their subordinates one on one and encourage open lines of communication.

3. Recognize and Reward Hard Work: Show your employees that you appreciate them by recognizing and rewarding their hard work. Happy employees are productive employees.

4. Stay Positive: Even when things aren’t going great, leaders must stay positive to keep workers inspired. Remember: the leader sets the tone for the entire group.


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April 28, 2014 at 11:37 pm