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Sam El Barouki serves as Director of Client Relations for Polaris Energy.

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Business professional Sam Barouki has worked in the mortgage financing sector as well as 
in institutional investments. Mr. Barouki currently serves as Director of Client 
Relations at Polaris Energy, an investment firm based in Luxembourg that focuses on 
developing long-term revenue generation streams from renewable energy projects.

Sam Barouki’s duties at Polaris Energy range from the creation of marketing materials to 
business development activities. Working out of the company’s offices in Milan, Italy, he 
liaises with clients and facilitates transactions that are based on solar, wind, 
geothermal, and ocean turbine energy, among others.

Prior to joining Polaris Energy, Sam Barouki held a prominent position with Bank of 
America/Countrywide Home Loans, working out of the company’s Huntington Beach, California, 
branch. Mr. Barouki oversaw some 35 mortgage officers, loan processors, and other 
financial professionals. He also managed a monthly budget in excess of $1 million and 
$20 million in lending per month.

A graduate of California State University Long Beach, Sam Barouki holds a Bachelor of Arts 
and a Master of Arts from the institution. He is currently pursuing his doctorate at 
Walden University, where he is focusing his efforts on business administration in an 
international context. He expects to complete his program in 2013.

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June 24, 2011 at 5:34 am

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